Dead Men Don't Drive

Author: Dr. OJ Younessi

202 pages 


The satirist is at war with what ails the society. Holding the errant ways of a society or that of a person or a particular cadre of the society to ridicule is the essence of satire. The art is to lay the absurdity of the subject matter bare for all to see. The vehicle with which to do this is satire. But what makes it all gel for the reader is humor. Yet this is not humor for the sake of humor, for that will denigrate the art to the stuff of joke-books. Satire is decorated humor. It is the window through which one beholds the absurd.

Satire combines anger with irony and this is what suffuses through each line of the satirist's prose. This is what others have called 'militant irony'...

...If these stories seem to conjure up reality it is probably because they all have some basis in truth! How much truth? Well, you will have to read on...


James Younessi is a specialist surgeon in Sydney, Australia.

He was schooled in his native Iran, the United States, and Australia before completing his surgical education with the Fellowship of the prestigious College of Surgeons of England and Ireland.

Apart from his love for surgery, he has a keen passion for literature, numismatics, and preservation of vintage fountain pens.

He is an accomplished essayist, researcher, radio-presenter, and author. He is also a peer reviewer for surgical journals and lectures on medical ethics.

The current book is a series of satirical short stories that delves into important modern socio-political issues.

He has published three prior books, one a series of short stories called "From Threads to Fabric", and the other a book on the Australian vernacular called "How Australian Are You?" His third book, a novel, "Pan's Penance" has been his favorite. These books have all enjoyed considerable success and have been the subject of newspaper articles and radio interviews.

He is currently working on another novel.

Category: Fiction, Humor

Type: books

Vendor: OJ Younessi

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