King of the Gulls

Authors: Stefan Scheuermann and Paul Alexander

ISBN 978-1-632868-161-8 (eBook);
978-1-63868-159-5 (softcover);
978-1-63868-160-1 (hardcover)

396 pages

An old Scottish storyteller gathers the people of Kinghorn, Scotland to reveal the misunderstood truths of their history. He tells them the story of a Scottish king, Alexander III, whose death heralded an age of uncertainty. They had heard the stories, but the truth is much grander, wider, and deeper.

In Scotland, 800 years ago, Alexander III became king. He was only a child, but inherited a throne wrought with peril and intrigue. Despised by his mother and adored by his nursemaid, he followed the guidance of his regents and tutors, and of the mystical guides that were rooted to something much deeper than the medieval politics of his country.

On a path he could not yet understand, he grew into a man, found love and friendship, and discovered a destiny that forever altered Scottish history.

Authors Stefan Scheuermann and Paul Alexander met at their local library and bonded quickly over their shared love of Scottish History. Paul is a poet and storyteller, whose stories churned in his head, waiting for an outlet. Stefan, an award-winning author of historical fiction, provided that outlet.

Side-by-side, they researched and wrote, and worked and fashioned the story of the King of the Gulls. They blur the lines between history and fantasy, and demonstrate how fantastic real lives can be.

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Vendor: Stefan Scheuermann

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