They Really Were Outsiders: A Pair of Novels

Author: Tim Fulmer

ISBN 978-1-60264-374-2 (eBook)

Party Crasher Press

488 pages

They Really Were Outsiders is a work of the imagination that turns the celebrity biography and memoir into the Great American Novel gone haywire.

In the first novel - No Drugs Or Alcohol Involved: Another American Pastoral - we learn about the consequences of a failed politician becoming a subversive writer. The results aren't pretty, but they're wildly entertaining, with huge doses of offbeat humor and philosophical insight tailor-made to help take the edge off our highly corrupted age. Locales include Washington, D.C., New Orleans, Houston, Southern California, Miami Beach, Ypsilanti, and Thailand.

In the second novel - Goddamit Goldsmith My Real Name's Rosenberg! - A Tenderloin Tale - we go in the reverse direction and learn about the consequences of a failed writer becoming a radical politician. The results are even less pretty than in the first tale. The humor turns darker, more devastating. The characters become more desperate, more willing to mix virtue and vice, less able to separate provocation from civility - until a narrative twist occurs that is impossible to anticipate unless the reader knows a thing or two about stepping outside himself. Locales include San Francisco, Reno, and Tel Aviv.


Tim Fulmer was born and raised in the American Midwest. He now lives in California, where he earns a living as a science journalist, a translator of Russian and German, and a writer of fiction. He previously published two collections of short stories - Conspiracy of Compassion and Zest with Ease: 35 Attempts to Awaken from the Dream called Life.

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Type: books

Vendor: Tim Fulmer

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