The Rise and Fall of the #METOO Movement

Author: Chuck Breuer

ISBN 9781947532793 (hardcover)

160 pages


The Rise and Fall of the #METOO Movement is a tongue-in-cheek political thriller exploring the rise of militant feminism in America.

It is fiction based loosely on  the woes of several politicos and other high-profile males who have found themselves in hot water after being accused of sexual battery (or worse) by women in their employ. Basically, one badly abused young woman, by dint of a substantial inheritance from her grandmother, earns a PhD, and becomes a professor of Sociology.  At a small girls college, over several years , she recruits a group of young women who are willing to (after receiving promises of monetary support) seek employment in Washington DC. Once ensconced ,  they will do  everything possible to besmirch the reputations of selected victims, up to and including seduction, should that prove necessary. The victims are selected by Dr. Lena herself, and if Lena  doesn't like you, you had better just get out of DC FAST!


As a South Carolina native, Chuck Breuer was beckoned by the sea and enlisted in the United States Coast Guard He later began a career as a licensed psychologist. He began writing after his retirement.  

Type: books

Vendor: Chuck Breuer

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