The Good and Evil Angels

Author: Matt Hayes

ISBN 978-1-60264-276-8 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-60264-469-4 (eBook)

392 pages

You are probably standing in a shop, or a library, reading this book jacket. Who is reading these words? You hear the voice in your head, but is it my voice? Is it your own voice? Are you sure? Look around you. The other people; what is behind their eyes? What if you are wrong? Maybe you have never worried about this before. Maybe you should start.

Scientists, computer experts and the military work in isolation; their motives, some benign, some darker, hidden from one another. Some-thing is going wrong, however, an unknown element, ethereal and subtle is moving amongst them. This could be the future of mankind, or it could be our final chapter.



Matthew Hayes was born in 1971 in Essex, England. At Cambridge University he studied natural sciences and genetics and ultimately obtained a PhD in Cell Biology. He is currently working as a senior research fellow at University College London. He has published primary scientific papers on cancer, immunology and age-related visual deterioration. The science portrayed in this novel is unrelated to his current experimental interests, honestly!

Category: Fantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Matt Hayes

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