The Fields of Clon Miarth

Author: Samual Schiller

ISBN 978-1-60264-054-2 (softcover)
ISBN 978-1-60264-190-7 (eBook)

252 pages

Rebellious Dukes make a bloody bid to seize the kingdom. King Osric Murchadha and a handful of loyal followers hold fast the fortifications of the Sceir Naid while chaos spreads throughout the land. Amidst the beginnings of civil war, Aine Ceallaigh is kidnapped by Eowulf Fitzwarren, and an intrepid band attempts a desperate rescue.
Yet beyond the selfish ambition of man, a deeper evil threatens Glenmara; the Red Goblin Klabaga turns his wrath against the world of human-men. On the rolling meadows of Clon Miarth he pits himself against Evan MacKeth in a battle to decide the future of both goblins and men.
Torn between the desire of his heart and the Will of Almighty God, Evan must make a terrible choice, upon which rests the fate of the entire kingdom.
"The Fields of Clon Miarth" is the sequel to "Priests of Moloch," and the third book in an ongoing series. Follow the adventures of Evan MacKeth, "Warrior of the Son," through love and war, triumph and tragedy, and the daily struggle to walk in faith with the One True God and His Risen Son, Iosa Christus.
Acclaim for "Warrior of the Son" and "Priests of Moloch": "What a delightful read! I'm ready for book two, the characterization is very well done, and the story interesting and compelling. More importantly, it is faithful to the gospel, and presents periodic reminders to the characters about the importance of a life of moral integrity, courage, and obedience to the One True God." Larry Gott- Park Cities Presbyterian Church
"Samuel Schiller places Christian precepts within a clever plot, carefully allowing the characters to guide readers through a land of fantasy, which mirrors a world of faith. Action, adventure and a stirring sense of victory lie snugly within the covers of this book." Joyce Handzo- In the Library Reviews
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Category: Fantasy, Fiction, Religious

Type: books

Vendor: Sam Schiller

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