The Basker Twins in the 31st Century: The Return of the Vlemutz

Author: Kristi Wright

ISBN 978-1-947532-11-3 (softcover); 978-1-947532-12-0 (eBook)

238 pages

Enough with the Basker twins...

Dar is ready for Elsie and Everest Basker to leave the clone academy so life can go back to normal. Instead, the Basker twins’ parents are the new directors, and Elsie and Everest are here to stay. If that isn't bad enough, Dar’s skin has started to sparkle, Elsie’s trying to force her to celebrate her 13th birthday, and someone just tried to kill her. Dar is convinced it’s the dastardly Mr. Brown, who has held a serious grudge ever since Dar and her friends foiled his plot to steal new superpower technology. Being hunted is not Dar’s style. She decides to capture the villain wherever--or whenever--he is. But even on a time-travel mission, Dar still can’t get away from the Basker twins. Elsie, Everest, Vlas, and Larry insist on tagging along. Then the group discovers that there’s more at stake than just one bad guy’s vendetta. The world’s timeline, and everyone they’ve ever loved, is about to disappear forever!


Kristi Wright -- winner of and finalist in several national writing contests, transports readers to the thirty-first century. "The Return of the Vlemutz" is the third novel in the Basker Twins series.

A seasoned high-tech professional, Kristi brings a wealth of imagination and knowledge to her Basker Twins series. Her favorite thirty-first-century invention is sunergy, which replaces fossil fuels as Earth's primary form of energy. Goodbye global warming! She's also a huge fan of zero-calorie chocolate. Kristi is an Assistant Regional Advisor for the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and the assistant editor at In addition to leading writing workshops at elementary and middle schools, she is a writing mentor for the non-profit Society of Young Inklings.

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