Silent Knight

Author: Jody Slyman

ISBN 1-58939-931-5 (softcover)

210 pages 

Born in a small Alaskan village, all Joseph Thompson wanted was to live a simple life. He was taught the old ways of the village natives and trained in martial arts. However, when tragedy strikes, Joseph is exposed to city life as his family moves to San Francisco, a city run by the powerful Martoni family.

As Joseph grows up, he meets his true love, Kristen Shobe. The two plan a long and loving life together, but once again tragedy would strike Joseph's life. This time, Joseph goes over the mental edge. Seeking revenge against a powerful family, Joseph puts his training of old to use and creates a figure that will hunt in the city nights.

Not able to get the revenge he wants, Joseph seeks his revenge elsewhere. For the next two years, driven by visions and voices, Joseph hunts down criminals and makes them pay the ultimate price. After two years, his patience pays off and Joseph is able to seek his final vengeance.

In the end, Joseph only wants closure to his life and knows that in order to have it, he must put an end to his alter-ego.



Jody Slyman was born in Heidelberg, Germany. He grew up in Joplin, Missouri and attended DeVry Institute of Technology, where he graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Information Systems. Jody spent four years in Arkansas working as a UNIX Systems Administrator for Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

A year after leaving Wal-Mart, he joined the United States Marine Corps. He served as an infantry Marine and as a clerk for Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion 8th Marines. During his four years in the Marine Corps, Jody attained the rank of sergeant and was deployed in support of numerous operations. After his time on active duty, Jody worked for the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office in Miami, Oklahoma.

Jody has also written "Quest for the Dragon's Eye," (2004) and currently resides in Lubbock, TX.

Category: Action, Adventure, Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Jody Slyman

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