Author: David Weiss

ISBN 978-1-949756-35-7 (softcover)

346 pages

Unseemly complications unfold when a drunk driver steals the life of one of four inseparable college buddies. Flash back six years to the quartet's graduation from William's College, and trace the distinct, but intersecting paths their lives take. Join with them as they confront life's demons, some of which come from within. Endure an encounter with a dodgy college classmate who converts a long-coveted venture into a trek to Hell. Travel the bumpy road back from the abyss, and experience a romantic's ecstasy when reality and art become congruent.


Oases, a work of mainstream fiction, is the eighth published book of David A. Weiss. A retired attorney, his books have included courtroom dramas, along with historical and mainstream fiction. Weiss intertwines issues of political, racial, religious and social philosophy in plots that explore the human condition. His hallmark, characters coping with moral dilemmas, invites readers to engage in introspective reflection.

Category: David A. Weiss, oases

Type: books

Vendor: David A. Weiss

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