Mesye Kwik! Kwak!

Author: Giftus R. John

ISBN 1-58939-764-9m (softcover)

208 pages


Mesye Kwik! Kwak!
Dominica is an island rich in culture and with a history that encompasses various forms of the country's transformation from colonialism to independence. African slaves, brought to the island to work on the British plantations, carried with them their various myths, beliefs, languages and art forms and these have passed down through the generations. Today they are still an integral part of this country's heritage.
The characters in Mesyé Kwik! Kwak! are used to portray some of these and other aspects of Dominican life which still have their bearing from years past. The young boys in The Stone and in The Pilgrim introduce us to the belief of Dominicans in evil spirits, the lougarou and la diabless, and the power of religion. Grandpa Was in America shows us Dominica's fixation to the American way of life and in A Father's Hope we see the widening gap between generations in the country-and there's more.
So read along with Giftus as he tells his story. Mesyé Kwik! Kwak!



Giftus John was born in the village of St. Joseph on the Caribbean island nation of Dominica. He attained his High School education at the Saint Mary's Academy and the Sixth Form College in Roseau.
Giftus frequently contributed short stories and poems to The Star, a local newspaper, which was published weekly by one of Dominica's famous authors and politicians, the late Phyllis Shand-Allfrey. He was also a regular contributor to the Local Talent program of the local radio station, DBS Radio.
He has self-published three collections of poems: The Dawn in 1978; Words in the Quiet Moments in 1981; and The Island Man Sings His Song in 2001.
Giftus is a former teacher at the St. Joseph Government School and the Saint Mary's Academy and also a former Youth Officer with the Youth Development Division in Dominica.
Giftus now resides in Union, New Jersey.

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