Lipsi's Daughter

Author: Patty Apostolides

ISBN 9781947532878 (softcover)

354 pages

Beautiful Ipatia lives with her grandfather on the idyllic Greek island of Lipsi, where she follows the traditions of the Greek islanders. However, there is one tradition that she is determined to defy, and that is marriage. With her grandfather’s blessing, she leaves for Piraeus, where she will live with her aunt while attending university.

Just before her trip, Ipatia is rescued from a snake by handsome Tony, a Greek tycoon’s son. He is smitten by her, but she is determined to go through with her education. Ipatia’s carefully laid out plans go awry when her aunt is nowhere to be found in Piraeus. Circumstances bring Ipatia and Tony together again and their attraction grows. However, obstacles get in the way of their love, separating them. Ipatia leaves for America, determined to get her college degree. Will their love be strong enough to transcend the boundaries of distance and time?


Patty Apostolides is a biologist, author, poet and classical musician. She has written five novels and a poetry book. When she retired as a cancer biologist in order to stay at home and homeschool her son, her second career as a writer began. 

She holds a BA in Biology from Case Western Reserve University, with minors in music and theater, and an MFA in Creative Writing from National University. She is the director of the Hellenic Writers Group of Washington DC. In addition, Ms. Apostolides has performed as a violist for the Cleveland Philharmonic, the Cleveland Women's Orchestra, and the Fairfield Symphony Orchestra. More recently, she has played as a violinist for the Frederick Symphony Orchestra and the Eklektika String Quartet. She lives in Maryland with her son.  

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Vendor: Patty Apostolides

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