Author: Stefan Scheuermann

ISBN 978-1-63868-113-7 (eBook);
978-1-63868-111-3 (softcover);
978-1-63868-112-30 (hardcover)

506 pages

Kyra is an overlooked Hungarian village teen who flees her plague-ridden village. She is found filthy and unkempt in a field by a Gypsy kumpania as they caravan across the countryside. Taken in by the Gypsies, Kyra slowly becomes one of them, while at the same time changing them in profound and fundamental ways that will last forever. Along the way, Kyra discovers love in the arms of a young man. At a deeply emotional level, she experiences unfettered joy, inconsolable grief, treachery of the worst kind, and compassion on a level that is unmatched by anything she has ever known.

Experience amazing performances that are presented to commoners and royalty alike while the Gypsies travel the Balkans. Share in the unique items that are offered by Gypsy merchants and savor the exotic aromas and flavors that accompany them wherever they travel.

As this story comes to an absolutely thrilling conclusion, it travels beyond the realm of reality and straight into legend.

Stefan Scheuermann has degrees in History and Literature. He has taught English Composition at his local university. His writing spans multiple genres in fiction and non-fiction, from comparative language and biography to alternative history and historical fiction/fantasy. His fiction aspires to demonstrate the fantastical nature of real human lives and show how thin the line can be between history and fantasy.

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Vendor: Stefan Scheuermann

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