Flee the Tellurian Empire

Author: Zak B. Tjewels

ISBN 978-1-60264-237-9 (softcover)

300  pages

This is the second of four books from the series titled "Serious Pink and Satin Yellow."

Book One (OSAYKS) closes with Thorlainen in a desperate situation. Time has run out, as Thorlainen takes command of a ship full of starved and PASC-processed deportees. Their choice is simple: flee for their lives or die. The untested Aquatransporter functions well but who can help him operate it? They escape by forcing the Aquatransporter to speeds beyond its limit. Then tragedy arrives, as they are tracked mercilessly across the Great Sea. And, others, too, are in trouble on the sea. Thorlainen is pledged to an affluent, but, he finds Chitmaa cool and often hostile, and he takes solace in the company of Sue Ling, but their friendship is restrained by the overbearing Tellurian social code. If the death and destruction hurled at the Aquatransporter by the merciless tellurian pursuers was not enough, their vessel is severely damage by a strange galactical event. These experiences subtly change Thorlainen's way of thinking, his approach to life, and his concept of liberty. Yet, on and on, these survivors flee. They rescue some elite affluents, which put Thorlainen in a strange situation, but before he can understand what has happened, the sea state changes dramatically and the Aquatransporter sinks.

Type: books

Vendor: Zak B. Tjewels

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