Blue Blood

Authors: Kevin P. Wollenweber, H.R. Abajian

ISBN 978-1-63868-154-0 (softcover); 
978-1-63868-155-7 (eBook)

306 pages

The year is 2675. Two scientists have found the abandoned laboratory of a dead colleague that contains the secret to the survival of humanity in a world of rapidly evolving environmental conditions.

One man, using incredible advancements in science and technology, attempts to subjugate all of humanity under his dominion.

As always, there is a group that refuses to be dominated and the two groups end up in many violent and deadly confrontations.

Along the way, you will experience the undying love between a woman and a man and the love of family. You will feel the sorrow of sacrifice, the loyalty of camaraderie, absolute trust in a fellow human being and the fierce need of the independent human spirit to make its own choices and live as it chooses.

The amazing conclusion reveals that the ultimate victor is a power that is unforeseen and unexpected by either faction.

Kevin P Wollenweber is the author of A Witness for the Demon novel series. A Colorado native, he enjoys crafting stories with locations in his home state. Sharing his stories with his family, especially his grandchildren, inspired them to ask him questions about creative writing and becoming a writer. His collaboration on this dystopian themed novel with one of his grandchildren bore the fruit of this experience. 

 HR Abajian conceived this idea far before the Covid-19 pandemic, concerns regarding artificial intelligence, and environmental issues became commonplace. Her imagination and ideologies, along with the creation of unique characters, shaped the story before you.  With many shared hours of discussion and writing together with her grandfather, produced their dream of this novel.

Type: books

Vendor: Kevin Wollenweber

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