Collage: Six Decidedly Fun & Eclectic Novellas

Author: Dave Willert

ISBN 978-1-63868-114-4 (hardcover)

418 pages

Pure entertainment!

Collage: Six Decidedly Fun and Eclectic Novellas, marks Dave Willert’s first published venture into fiction writing since his popular four-book science-fiction series, ‘Dimensions,’ which he wrote and published between 2009 and 2014. This exciting new collection, over 50 years in the making and creatively illustrated by Doug Kuhl, features six vastly unique tales of mystery, adventure, intrigue, humor, fantasy, romance, absurdity, nostalgia, reflection, excitement and surprises, all rolled into one fun and entertaining book, suitable for preteens through adults!  

The complete list of novellas featured in this book, as well as the year they were each originally written, includes: ‘Where Is Mr. Madison?’ (2012), ‘Cannon Manchester is Dead!’ (co-written with Doug Kuhl) (2020), ‘The Foreign Exchange Student’ (1969), ‘Dr. Brighton’s Secret’ (2013), ‘The Adventures of Horace Black!’ (2016) and ‘Mind Over Mind’ (1984).

Type: books

Vendor: Dave Willert

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