A Witness for the Demon

Author: Kevin Wollenweber

ISBN 978-1-63868-050-5 (softcover);
978-1-63868-053-6 (Ebook)

218 pages

Demetri is an ancient and powerful demon. His abilities at delivering souls to his master provides him great favor and privilege. Demetri's choice to indwell a young and vulnerable girl, Cindy Firestone, will bring him face to face with Alex Dante. A mere human mortal with a gift that will challenge and confuse Demetri.

When Cindy and Alex's worlds are brought together, the supernatural world will be exposed in the coastal city of Astoria, Oregon. Against the backdrop of the Astoria Mental Hospital, a classic battle of good versus evil will ensue.

Kevin Wollenweber is a story teller and artist. He enjoys drawing, painting and creating. He has a passion about the end times and loves to craft stories about simple people who are destined to serve God in remarkable ways. This is the author's first novel.

Type: books

Vendor: Kevin Wollenweber

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