The Ring of Naar Chronicles

Author: Patrick D. Catlett

ISBN: 978-1-62137-371-1 (eBook)

The Ring of Naar Chronicles is an unpredictable, four-book fantasy series from Patrick D. Catlett consisting of The Ring of Naar, The Wolf and the Worm, Chaw Den and Rumblings of the Earth. The series begins with The Ring of Naar. A crisis is facing the small kingdom of Su’Meeryn and the young king struggles with his attempts to lead his kingdom through the ordeal. The Wolf and the Worm and Chaw Den deal with the consequences and ramifications resulting from the crisis in ways none of the characters could have foreseen.Rumblings of the Earth is the final book in the series and continues the story many generations in the future and details how a new land and new people must face a frightful menace even greater than what was seen before. 

Acclaimed author Michael Moorcock said of The Ring of Naar: “A fine and refreshingly fast-paced fantasy adventure in the great tradition, The Ring of Naar never disappoints and often exceeds the reader's expectation. Action, landscape and character are all well up to standard and the writing is far superior too much of the work currently on the bookshelves. Recommended!”

Category: Fantasy, Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Patrick D. Catlett

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