The Girl Who Woke Up in the Morgue

Author: Stephen Rocco

ISBN 978-1-63868-073-4 (softcover)

246 pages

Greed in the form of benign pink pills found in Springdale’s medicine cabinets is poisoning its young people. Unfortunately, it is 2001 and the infancy of Big Pharma’s false marketing campaign. These new class of synthetic drugs — known as opiates — free people from pain while being “safe and non-addictive.”

Beyond the grieving families burying loved ones, someone in Springdale realizes his community is being poisoned. He is funeral director Sonny Fiorentino. His life is changed when another young opiate victim, Kelsey Jordan, awakens in his morgue.

With a second chance at life, Kelsey and Sonny awaken Springdale to this new drug scourge.

The conspirators responsible for putting thousands of pills on Springdale’s  streets think otherwise. These doctors , pharmacists and street dealers will kill anyone in their greedy paths. Will Kelsey survive this battle? Will America survive this new drug war ?


Stephen Rocco is a third-generation funeral director in a funeral home outside of Boston .In addition to working as a funeral director over 40 years, he was a family mediator. He was  an instructor at Mt Ida College for many years and Co -Director of its National Center For Death Education. Stephen and his wife, Lidia, have been blessed with four children and three grandchildren (and hopefully many more).

Category: addicts, drugs, opiates

Type: books

Vendor: Stephen Rocco

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