The Tannhäuser: A Swan Knights Story

Author: Stefan Scheuermann

ISBN 978-1-951985-51-6 (softcover);
978-1-951985-52-3 (hardcover);
978-1-951985-53-0 (eBook)

476 pages

Wikerus, a young German noble joins the Teutonic Order of knights and fights in the Fifth Crusade. He meets the Swan Knight, the sworn protector of the Holy Grail, and becomes his steward. After the crusade, Wikerus lives in a secluded Bavarian valley with the Swan Knight’s family. He finds love and fear, bliss and more war. He escapes his previous life and roams the Holy Roman Empire as a philosopher, poet, and minnesänger, giving birth to the legend of the Tannhäuser.

Stefan Scheuermann has degrees in History and Literature. He has taught English Composition at his local university. His writing spans multiple genres in fiction and non-fiction, from comparative language and biography to alternative history and historical fiction/fantasy. His fiction aspires to demonstrate the fantastical nature of real human lives and show how thin the line can be between history and fantasy.

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