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What Brothers Do

Author: Michael Everett Brown

ISBN 978-1-60264-682-7 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-60264-703-9 (eBook)

392 pages

What Brothers Do pulls readers not just through the trenches and ashes of Ground Zero after the fall of the Twin Towers, it coaxes us through the tortured mind and heart of Michael Brown, a brother who feels the loos, dread, fear--and hope--of finding his brother, Captain Patrick Brown, alive.

"Paddy" Brown would surely survive--he was an FDNY superman--not even the devastation of the 9/11 terrorist attack would stop him! Could his heroism rise above evil?

It took 10 years for Michael Everett Brown to publish this book about 9/11 that bared his soul and sorrow and now nearly 10 years later, we all still live with the losses and unfulfilled dreams of those 343 fire fighters and hundreds of other first responders--who perished, trying to save the lives of thousands of fellow New Yorkers.

Keeping the memory of Captain Patrick Brown--a true American hero and U.S. Marine--alive as we approach two decades of recovery is Michael Brown's quest. Paddy Brown was loved, revered and respected by everyone who felt his strength, sincerity and sense of purpose. His story, as experienced by his brother, brings life not just to his memory, but also to his irrefutable spirit as a man who lived to serve and protect.

What Brothers Do invites us to follow the journey of the Brown brothers as one traces the life of a fallen icon and in the process, recreates his own. We stand in awe of the life of Paddy Brown and stand by his brother who knew only that he had to go find him. In doing so, he found pain but also loyalty and love and wrote the best book about 9/11.


Michael Everett Brown, M.D., is a board certified Emergency Medicine physician currently practicing in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he resides with his wife, Janet, and their four dogs. He was a volunteer firefighter in Westbury, New York, for over twelve years, a New York City firefighter at Engine Company 37 in Harlem for four years, and is currently a member of Nevada Task Force One Urban Search and Rescue Team. In 2001 he received a United States Congressional Recognition Award for "selfless acts and commitment to his profession above and beyond the call of duty." He has written two screen plays and is currently working on his third book.

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Based on 1 review
Marilyn DeMartini
Heroes Aren't Supposed to Die

What Brothers Do gripped my heart with its honest and poignant recollection of the tragedy and the emotion that went into the days, months and years that followed the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Seeing his heroic brother’s life through the eyes of those who revered him, Michael Brown had to courageously make the right decisions, take the right actions and move painfully through the ashes and debris in search for Captain Patrick Brown’s body. What he found instead was his spirit, burning brightly in the memories of all those “Paddy Brown” touched—and there were more than imagined! Firefighter brothers, the countless people he saved, the women who loved him, the men who could only aspire to be like him.

Everyone thought “Paddy” Brown would be a survivor, but fate had Michael Brown become the family’s power, gaining strength from those who loved his brother and pulling them together to keep his memory alive.

Heroes aren’t supposed to die. When they do, they leave a void in others’ lives. What Brothers Do can hopefully fill that void for other family members, colleagues and brothers who lost their loved ones, as Michael Brown tells their story as well—the courageous battle of learning to heal the loss in his own heart, finding love and pain intertwined.

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