The Spirit of Prophecy - Second Edition

Author: Daniel G.K. Knezacek

ISBN 978-1-60264-885-2 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-60264-886-9 (eBook)

374 pages

Offering a fresh perspective of the Bible's End Times passages, Dan Knezacek's philosophy has been to "think outside the box" of tradition, but "within the box" of Scripture. The results will amaze you!

"The Spirit of Prophecy" exposes Satan's plan to produce an artificial Tribulation period! This period will contain clever counterfeits of the Antichrist, False Prophet, Babylon the Harlot, and Armageddon! Occurring before the rapture and the actual Tribulation, the chaos of this period, which is just around the corner, will prepare the world to welcome the Antichrist, right on time!

The real Antichrist will come from somewhere much closer to Israel, than Rome. "The Spirit of Prophecy" provides much evidence of the true origin of the Antichrist, and even examines some of the Christian Scriptures he will use to validate his claim to be the Christ.


Dan Knezacek has had a number of careers such as farmer, commercial pilot, printer, graphic artist, homebuilt airplane builder, and machinist, but through it all his passion has been the bible and its prophecies. Studying the Bible's End Time prophecies, since the age of thirteen, Dan puzzled over several apparent inconsistencies for years, until they began to come together. Ultimately these seemingly unrelated passages, and subjects, came together to form this comprehensive view of the bible's End Times passages.

Dan Knezacek lives in southern Ontario with his wife Bev and two teenage sons.

Category: General, Religious

Type: books

Vendor: Daniel G.K. Knezacek

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