The Price of Fame

Author: Diana Grazier

ISBN 1-58939-462-3 (softcover)

272 pages

She has it all-wealth, beauty and fame. She also carries an eternal flame. It burns within her heart and threatens to consume her very soul.
At age four, actress Joy Bryant is cast as the star of a long-running television series. She experiences the trials and tribulations of many child stars, such as weight ultimatums, paparazzi photographers, and the loss of her childhood itself. As she reaches adulthood, she finds that her perceptions of the world are distorted from those who do normal, everyday things, and who lead normal, everyday lives. She is plagued by a stalker, and also by Gary Shawn, a brilliant, cynical reporter who follows her career with a caustic wit and poisoned pen. He criticizes her for believing in fairy tales that teach girls there is only one person in the world that is meant for them, yet he carries an eternal flame of his own.

When Joy's life is threatened, she drops out of the public eye and embarks on a journey filled with self-discover. She learns that the loss of her childhood is only a small price of fame. The ultimate price lies within a devastating choice that she must make.



The Price of Fame is my first novel; however I am also the author of two other recent works: One Last Dance and The Heart of Hidden Secrets. My poem, "The Bird," was written for inclusion in the International Library of Poetry's Best Poets of 2002, and it has been published both nationally and internationally.
Although writing is my first love, I have enjoyed a successful career as a registered nurse. I hold an Associate of Science degree in nursing, and a Bachelor of Arts. I graduated with "Academic Distinction" from the University of St. Francis in 1999, and I am currently the Director of Nursing for one of Arizona's county health departments.

Category: Fiction, General

Type: books

Vendor: Diana Grazier

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