The Ecstasy of Pupusas

Author: Stephen Rocco

ISBN 978-1-63868-074-1 (softcover)

262 pages

A fateful decision by those around them tests the love of two women. One is Chelsea, the lonely daughter of a wealthy physician. The other is the family’s beloved housekeeper, Maria. They bond over Maria’s succulent pupusas, sharing feelings, dreams and secrets with one another.

Their lives are irrevocably altered by a terrible act — a molestation. The repercussions from keeping it a secret plummet both families into new lives of pain. Maria’s family is exiled to her homeland of El Salvador, where walking on the wrong side of the street can mean death . With blood of denial on their hands, leading to their son’s murder, Chelsea’s family sits in their mansion barely able to look at one another .

Until Chelsea decides to correct her family’s wrongs. Strengthened by her love for her friend, she cajoles immigration attorneys, exposes crooked private investigators and confronts her brother’s murderer.

Ultimately this is a book about love and forgiveness — and a search for the truth wherever it might lead — as painstakingly crafted as one of Maria’s pupusas .


Stephen Rocco is a third-generation funeral director in a funeral home outside of Boston .In addition to working as a funeral director over 40 years, he was a family mediator. He was  an instructor at Mt Ida College for many years and Co -Director of its National Center For Death Education. Stephen and his wife, Lidia, have blessed with four children and three grandchildren (and hopefully many more).

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Vendor: Stephen Rocco

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