Strategic Execution Manual

Author: Michael J. Parise

ISBN 1-58939-888-2 (softcover)

108 pages

A company's ability to succeed greatly depends on its ability to execute its many business objectives. Too often companies fall short of meeting their commitments and expectations as a result of a failure to execute one or more of the elements within their overall set of business needs. This "Strategic Execution Manual" has been created to facilitate effective strategic execution by providing your organization with the methods necessary to effectively implement a comprehensive strategic planning process and then effectively manage the execution of the resulting plan. This "Strategic Execution Manual" is a no-nonsense guide that will provide step-by-step instructions and examples on the various aspects of a comprehensive strategic execution process. The outcome will be the creation of a comprehensive set of results, involving strong organizational alignment, leading to more effective execution in all aspects of your business. If the principles of this manual are effectively implemented a culture of strategic execution will become part of normal business operating practices.

Category: Business, Non-Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Michael J. Parise

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