Sketches on the Journey: An artist's reflections on her journey in faith

Author: Lydia Pournelle Steadham

ISBN 978-1-62137-803-7 (eBook)




As an artist, Lydia has spent her life trying to record a bit God’s handiwork as seen in the great and the small.  Every day is an adventure in faith bringing insights all along the way in moments great and small, momentous and mundane.  “Traced” through a lifetime of living, loving, and learning her stories reflect everything from simple, gentle observations to some singular experiences.

Each of these Sketches on the Journey begins with an amusing and/or inspiring quotation from folks as disparate in time and place as Confucius and Jada Pinkett Smith!  The stories are followed by many verses from scripture to reinforce and reaffirm the subject matter of that particular piece; there are over 1000 in all.  As a “final footnote” each sketch concludes with a color reproduction of one of her award-winning watercolors.  There are almost 75 sketches that range from childhood experiences to present day events.  But they are not so much her story as His story, a tale of what God has done in the life of one small woman.


Lydia Pournelle Steadham was born, reared, educated, and married in Atlanta, Georgia, earning a degree in English Literature from Georgia State University. She and her husband, Roy, subsequently lived in Memphis, Tennessee; Jackson, Mississippi; and currently reside in Sugar Land, Texas, a suburb of Houston. Each of these places offered wonderful opportunities to develop and refine her skills as a watercolorist and even to pass on this love of the medium to others, privately and in a classroom. Captivated by watercolor at an early age, Lydia has been exploring and enjoying the mysteries of this amazing medium most of her life.

It provides constant challenges and surprises, offering an artist techniques found in no other medium.

Her work can be found in both private and corporate collections.

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