Never the Last Road

Author: Samuel Podberesky

ISBN 1-58939-416-x. (softcover)

ISBN 1-58939-417-8 (hardcover)

122 Pages

Never the Last Road is the dramatic story of the survival of Noah Podberesky and his future wife, Mina Milikowsky, two Jewish victims of the Holocaust. It is a story of individual strength, bravery, ingenuity and repeated instances of good fortune (or, as some might see it, the intervention of a greater force), as well as the compassionate acts of several non-Jews that risked their lives to help Jews survive. This real life story goes beyond just survival, however. Mina overcame being wounded and spent two years fighting the Nazis with the Russian Partisans. Noah began the war in the Polish Army and later served in the Russian Army and with distinction in a Partisan Unit. Several times he narrowly escaped German imprisonment and massacres. In the end Noah and Mina defied the Nazis and refused to be victims. In recounting their tale, Never the Last Road portrays courageous Jews who overcame the loss of all they held dear, resisted the Nazis and made new and fulfilling lives for themselves and their offspring.


The author, Samuel Podberesky, was born in 1946 in a displaced persons camp in Cremona, Italy, the first child of Holocaust survivors escaping from the desolation of Eastern Europe and the heartbreak of the Nazis' slaughter of their families. After immigrating to the United States and being raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Mr. Podberesky graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in aerospace engineering, later returning to school to become a lawyer. Since 1986, Mr. Podberesky has headed the Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings at the U.S. Department of Transportation where he deals primarily with airline consumer protection and civil rights issues. Never the Last Road is Mr. Podberesky's first literary effort and is based on his own research and countless discussions with his parents and their friends. Mr. Podberesky resides near Annapolis, Maryland with his wife, Rosita, whose parents were also Holocaust survivors.

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