Desert Bloom

Author: Russ VanHeel

ISBN 978-1-62137-959-1 (eBook)



I know first- hand what mental illness is and what it feels like. I know the weight of a
world in disarray that falls lopsided and lands on one's back. It continually slumps their
posture until they're fallen and then they have to learn to walk on their knees. They become
their disfigurements that paint whatever clothes they wear invisible so they're
forced to walk naked in the world.



Russ Van Heel lives in St. Paul, Minnesota and works in the health care field. He is divorced and the father of two adult daughters and the grandfather of twin boys. He has been writing poetry and short stories since 1994, and is involved iwth various writer groups and workshops in Minneapolis. He is the author of three books of autobiographical short stories, Life in Purgatory, Residue and Aches, and Bridges to Redemption, all of which are published by Outsider Press.

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