Catching Up with My Past

Author: E. A. Young

ISBN 978-1-60264-199-0 (softcover)

180 pages

It seems as if the good times will be over for Justine Collins. Every special part of her life seems to be slowly vanishing away, leaving her with nothing to hold on to or to cherish, all because of her new baby sister, who would be moving into her room with her, as opposed to another brother who would be living 'elsewhere'. The five brothers that Justine already has do not seem to place as much of an impact on her life as this new baby sister does. All the little details that mean so much to Justine mean twice as much now as she fears losing them. Seen through the eyes of an 11-year-old, finding ways to continue appreciating the things that are important and accept change as an addition to one's life instead of as a replacement, Justine realizes there is room in this world for her new baby sister.

Type: books

Vendor: E.A. Young

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