Between Angels and Devils

Author: John Castagnini

ISBN 1-58939-850-5 (softcover)

120 pages


WHAT IS POETRY TO ME? Free here, I clearly express my feelings about the world and every day living. More importantly, I look at the events of my life and discover how they have affected my spirit. In turn I am able to understand myself and others at deeper levels. My angels and demons rule me as yours rule you. Hopefully my work will help you to find your angels and rule your demons.


John Castagnini was born in Brooklyn, NY. He has spent most of his life in rigorous formal, self-taught, and introspective study. John is the CEO and founder of He has completed a Bachelors degree in Biology and attended Chiropractic school. John has studied with several martial arts masters, as well as world-renowned speakers Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. John Demartini. His first poetry book is Making Love with Poetry. He is also the author of several self-help books. You can visit his website at

Category: Non-Fiction, Poetry

Type: books

Vendor: John Castagnini

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