Before She Hits the Roof

Author: E.A. Young

ISBN 978-1-951985-30-1 (softcover);
978-1-951985-31-8 (eBook)

112 pages

Short-tempered, high-strung 11-year-old Clorette, thrilled that sixth grade is over, revs up for a summer of computer games, chatting, emails, and surfing the Internet--unaware of the plans her parents have arranged outdoors away from the computer before her short temper takes her to a level of destruction she cannot control. Will her itchy-button-pushing fingers soon close into a fist?

E.A. Young majored in Studio Art and spent over 40 years on independent writing with the help of 7 journals--4 written, 3 illustrated and a separate journal for recording dreams she later turns into stories. In December of 2000, she completed her 3rd-level personal writing course with The Institute of Children's Literature and has been writing and creating ever since.  

Type: books

Vendor: E.A. Young

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