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Author: Gary Hope

ISBN 978-1-949756-64-7 (softcover)

ISBN 978-949756-65-4 (eBook)

240 pages

Noah lives in Moab and works as an advice columnist for a Salt Lake City newspaper. His responses to his readers are often humorous, sometimes insightful, sometimes cynical, sometimes irreverent, and sometimes insulting. Noah is also an outdoors enthusiast who enjoys hiking in the enchanting, albeit unforgiving, Utah wilderness. Eliciting memories from his time hiking the trails, enjoy the author's vibrant descriptions of the rugged landscape as he recounts Noah's adventures.

The heart of the story, however, lies in Noah's relationship with two women in his life: Dorothy, a park ranger he met while hiking, and Ana, the true love of his life who he has only met online. Follow his conflicts as he tries to decide if it's better to hang on to a dream or to commit to someone who is right in front of him. As Noah struggles to find his footing, the reader will be drawn into contemplation regarding the essential nature of truth: will it set you free . . . or not?


"Ana" is the eighth novel from Gary Hope. Two previous books have won national awards from the Online Book Club of America. Gary finds inspiration for his books from his many travels, as is the case with "Ana." His travel experiences in Moab, Killarney, Galway, Dubrovnik, Seattle, Venice, Iceland, St. Petersburg, Malta, London, Nassau, Red Springs, and Hawaii have given him a perspective on life and love that helps create lifelike characters that readers can identify with.  

Type: books

Vendor: Gary Hope

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