Money for Mayhem

Author: Scott Malensek

ISBN 978-1-947532-53-3 (casebound)

326 pages

Every covert operation has a commander.  Every terrorist attack has a mastermind, but behind both there’s always someone with serious money and power. 

Alan Conferra is neither.  He’s just a Capitol Hill bureaucrat.  It’s his job is to find out who has been funding a string of worldwide terrorist attacks.  Working with bankers, politicians, spies, and government organizations that officially don’t exist, Alan moves from cubicle to warzones. 

Throughout his career, the most dangerous place he ever went wasn’t a burning desert, a steaming jungle in Africa, or an icy mountain in Switzerland. By far, the most dangerous place he will ever go is Cleveland, Ohio.

"Money for Mayhem" is a historical fiction, action-thriller set around real world events from 1922-2005.   This is a story of more than money.  It’s about love, revenge, duty, and facing personal fears. It shows how numbers on a spreadsheet have very real world consequences for all of us.  

Category: terroists, terrorism

Type: books

Vendor: Scott Malensek

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