What is Seen and What is NOT Seen

Author: Michael Frederick Reber

ISBN 978-1-60264-689-6 (softcover)

188 pages

"What Is Seen and What Is Not Seen: Fun Systems Thinking Activities with Frédéric Bastiat" is a supplementary activity book to Virginia Anderson and Lauren Keller Johnson's "Systems Thinking Basics: From Concepts to Causal Loops." It is specifically designed for economics students or anyone interested in economics, and applies the systems thinking concepts and tools in "Systems Thinking Basics." The systems thinking praxis of this activity book is unique. No other systems thinking book on the market applies in an engaging and fun way Bastiat's seminal work in economic thought. Furthermore, Bastiat's writing is simple and to the point and this makes using systems thinking for economics easy and fun. Another unique quality of this book is its "functional" table of contents. This means it shows learning alignment: topics, course learning outcomes, unit learning outcomes, activities, and assessment are all explicit. It is designed to be very simple and clear in order for the student to know what is to be learned, why it is to be learned, and how learning is to be assessed.

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