Wild Onion

Author: Thomas Reimer

ISBN 978-1-60264-906-4 (softcover)
ISBN 978-1-60264-907-1 (eBook)

358 pages


Wild Onion tells the story of Axel and Seamus including their encounters with real historic figures who help found what becomes the fastest growing city in America. Wild Onion is the first of a series about Seamus and Axel's lives and families through the decades. Sequels with tell of the roles of the Konrads and the O'Sheas in the Mexican War of 1846, construction of the I&M Canal, the U.S. Civil War, the Chicago Fire and much more.



Thomas Reimer was born in Chicago. He graduated from the Northwestern University Technological Institute. He worked for the government. After his retirement, he delved into genealogy, tracing his ancestors back to Germany. His research culminated in three books about their lives. He wrote his autobiography before entering the world of fiction. His first novel, Death of the King, is based on the real life of King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

Mr. Reimer visited Munich and traced the locale for the King's life and final journey to the site of the King's mysterious death. Twenty years after Ludwig died, Dolph Peters, working on his PhD in Munich, becomes interested in solving the mystery, was the King killed or did he commit suicide? As Dolph gets closer to the answer, his life is threatened. Why? By whom? Does he solve the mystery?

Mr. Reimer's second novel, Wild Onion, is based on both Mr. Reimer's extensive research into his German ancestors and his in depth study of the history of Ireland, Chicago and the Black Hawk War.

Wild Onion tells the story of two immigrant lads, one Irish, the other German, who meet in New York in 1831. They become friends, journey west, survive an Indian attack and settled in Chicago. Wild Onion tells of their adjustment to America, the primitive nature of the village of Chicago and challenges to their health and very existence.

Mr. Reimer is now writing a sequel to Wild Onion. He anticipates crafting a series of sequels following the lives of the immigrant lads and their descendants until 1920.

Category: Fiction, Historical

Type: books

Vendor: Thomas Reimer

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