Why God Should Come Before Your College Degree

Author: Vita A. Walker

ISBN 978-1-62137-778-8 (softcover)
ISBN 978-1-62137-779-5 (eBook)

156 Pages




Lights! Camera! Wait. Each year vibrant college graduates parade across a ceremonial stage and into an unemployment line. The spur of their enthusiasm creates a profound myth: their college degree is a single path to career prosperity. In reality, if they originally pursued their education without the Lord God's guidance, they will automatically step into an unfathomable experience that strips the value of their college feat. To inspire and persuade students toward the right direction, I felt compelled to write: "Why God Should Come Before Your College Degree." My urgent message sheds light upon how prospective college students and college graduates may end their careers with an assurance to snag that perfect job. After my spiritual lesson, from a divine college professor, I learned that "Lights, Camera, Wait" is a warning signal alerting students to put God first, before they use "Action" to go after their college degree. Their college experiences of them following God's obedience will steer their career into this adage: "The sky is the limit!"


Vita A. Walker has an MBA and 15 years of writing experience. She took what she learned through prayer, college, and editing law professors’ manuscripts to develop her own masterpiece. Prior to enrolling into college, she spent the majority of her employment in higher education. Although she liked the environment of higher education, she changed her career, and tapped into secondary education. She works in Montgomery County Public Schools of Rockville, Maryland. After God reshaped her life using her college degree’s experiences, she adopted an extraordinary desire to motivate prospective students and unemployed college graduates. As a author, she plans to explore children’s literature. She also expects to feed a craving to write magazine articles. Despite what she’s already accomplished, she believes nothing is more important than the goal to keep spreading her urgent message: "Put God first, before your college degree, and you’ll land the perfect job." She stands firm that God’s perfect job automatically takes students into places they never dreamed they’d go.

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