Way to Eternal Life

Author: Herschel Hill

ISBN 978-1-62137-249-3 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-62137-250-9 (eBook)

182 pages

Christians and churches argue passionately about the way of salvation and eternal life. Many devout Christians insist there is only one path to eternal life, but other equally devout believers subscribe to multiple paths. Those on both sides of the salvation issue claim their views are Biblical, leading to criticism and judgement of people who believe differently. How can that animosity among believers be reduced? Author Herschel Hill is convinced the disagreements about that basic Christian belief stem from inconsistencies in churches' and denominations' definitions of "way to salvation" and "path to salvation." He examines the beliefs and practices of twelve large Christian denominations and four non-Christian religions. He defines the one true source of salvation and eternal life and the diverse processes churches utilize to lead people to salvation. Herschel then suggests ways to reduce animosity and judgement in the religious realm.

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