War Story: The Creation of the American War in Vietnam

Author: Longarm

ISBN 1-58939-533-6 (softcover)

War Story is the story of a war. It is a personal observation from 1964 of how the American War in Vietnam came to be. It is also my first covert mission. We flew through six unfriendly countries and came back alive by a combination of accident and design. Nobody noticed.

The real events of my time have today become things that never were. Media fiction has become history. This is not a surprise. It is the normal course of covert war. I am reversing that normal course. This is a message from the real world. It is probably not the world in which you think you live. Maybe something very important to you is not there at all. I know that feeling. How you deal with it is up to you.

This is not useless ancient history. The rules of this conflict are a part of human nature. They are always the same. If you understand Vietnam in 1964, you will also understand the world around you. You will be hard to control. And that is my intention.

Category: Non-Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Longarm

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