VAIR: Ann's Story

Author: Gunna Dickson

ISBN 978-1-62137-915-7 (softcover)

294 Pages


In Stewart Dickson's historical thriller, VAIR, fact blurred with fiction as a trail of brutal murders using 16th Century weapons followed the modern-day U.S. visit of a British royal. Was the killer a madman or a human vehicle possessed by the spirit of history's most terrible tyrants?

Where VAIR ends, Ann's Story begins. With the reign of terror over, a tale of love, loss and political subterfuge emerges. The blond actress Ann Powell and jaded FBI agent John Taylor, along with beautiful Cuban special agent Emelina Calderon and other familiar figures from VAIR continue the journey.


Author Gunna Dickson is a New York based journalist. She has worked for a major NY newspaper and an international news agency and translated six books. Ann's Story is her fourth book and honors the memory of her husband, Stewart Dickson, a Scottish foreign correspondent and the author of VAIR.

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