Author: Stewart G. Dickson

ISBN 978-1-60264-875-3 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-60264-908-8 (eBook)

442 pages


"A taut thriller written with an effortless and descriptive style reminiscent of Fleming or Doyle...every phrase paints a picture." - Scott Matthews, Emmy-winning Producer

"A brilliantly written, wonderfully detailed thriller with a plot turn that will stun even the most savvy sleuths! Stewart Dickson's captivating writing keeps the reader guessing." - Ann Roche, Journalist


Deep in the Secret Archives of The Vatican, startling 500-year-old documents are discovered. Immediately, an elite, clandestine arm of the curia is alerted. The Watch, which they believe could change the course of history begins.

One year later, a series of bizarre, bloody murders occur in the U.S. The killings appear to follow the path of a Royal visit by an heir to the British throne. The murder weapons are linked to the 16th Century.

One of the first victims is the daughter of a New York doctor. Faced with an information black-out by police, he reaches out to an old friend, John Taylor, a jaded ex FBI agent now unhappily lecturing on criminology at a Washington D.C. university.

Taylor's reluctant investigation of the murder draws him into the chase for the killer and back into the Agency fold.

In Rome, the Vatican team launches its own hunt for the killer, employing their own agent, Joseph Salemi, a mercurial Sicilian priest. In London, Moberley Johns, a herald at The College of Arms, is recruited.

As embarrassed security chiefs on both sides of the Atlantic try to cover up the hunt for the murderer, the FBI agents and the Vatican uneasily join forces.

Is the killer a madman or, as the Vatican secretly believes, a human vehicle possessed by the spirit of one of history's most terrible tyrants?


Leith-born journalist Stewart Dickson has covered major international news stories for newspapers in his native Scotland, London's Fleet Street, and as the U.S. bureau chief of a major British tabloid. He lives in New York City with his wife.

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