Unload Your Wagon: Salvation of an Everyday Guy

Author: Kevin Kite

ISBN 1-58939-565-4 (Softcover)

108 Pages

For the first 37 years of his life, Kevin Kite had it pretty good. A healthy, happy childhood, relatively problem free adolescence, a fun filled college experience, a great marriage, a good job, a nice home, a faithful dog. But somewhere in his 38th year things went to pretty good to AMAZING! About halfway through that 38th year Kevin invited Christ into his heart. And then the fun began! This is his story of the time leading up to his salvation, some of his thoughts on Christianity and God, and a peek at the amazement he has encountered in his relatively short time as a child of God. If you aren't a Christian and want a peek at what may await you, if you are already a Christian and need a little jump start for your faith, or if you aren't really sure if you are or aren't a Christian and want a light hearted, honest look at what salvation can mean to you, then by all means Unload Your Wagon.


Kevin Kite was born in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York. He graduated from Clarkson University in 1986 with a degree in mechanical engineering and moved to San Antonio in 1987. He now lives in Boerne, Texas, (just north of San Antonio) and with his wife, Trina, and their dogs, Kasper and Shadow. Kevin doesn't claim to be an author or writer. He is simply a Christian. Kevin and Trina are very active members of both the First United Methodist Church in Boerne and the Boerne Emmaus Community.


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Type: books

Vendor: Kevin Kite

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