Under the Gallows Tree

Author: Katherine Kilgore

ISBN 978-1-62137-220-2 (softcover)

390 pages

In 1630 comely Meg MacTavish lives on her family's farm in Northern Ireland. She's heard tales of Irish outlaws burning and pillaging Scottish farms, and of their ruthless leader, Shane O'Neill. But sixteen-year-old Meg's main concerns are attracting admirers, pretty clothes, and dancing reels. All that changes when outlaws, led by O'Neill himself, ransack her farm and take her hostage. Meg is surprised O'Neill is not the devil incarnate painted in the tales. He's handsome and charming, and apparently taken a liking to her. During her captivity among the impoverished Irish natives, Meg begins seeing them in a new light. O'Neill claims to only be driving out the Scottish usurpers, the true invaders. Could it be that the tales of him are wrong, and her growing feelings for him are real? Meg fears it can never work between them. Shane is an Irish Catholic with a price on his head. She is a proper Scottish Presbyterian, loyal to the English crown. She can never betray her family, and he will never give up his crusade. If he's caught, O'Neill will go to the gallows. Any hope of a life together faces impossible ends.X

Category: Fiction, Historical, Romance

Type: books

Vendor: Katherine Kilgore

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