Turning Points: A Memoir Anthology

Author: Evergreen Writers

ISBN 978-1-62137-913-3 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-62137-914-0 (hardcover)

186 pages

Everyone has a story, a lifetime of memories to preserve or share with family and friends. The smallest memory holds fascination for someone. As technology changes the way things used to be, as small towns and farms give way to urban neighborhoods, as friends and family come and go, it is vital to record our point in time.

Memoir represents a slice of life in which authors reflect upon intimate issues, family stories, specific events or personal relationships. It is a glimpse of the past, vividly recreated through creative writing.

In Turning Points, readers will join a soldier lured by the mellow tones of a clarinet caressing a New York night; savor coq au vin steeped in garlic and blotted from the plate by hunks of a crusty Parisian baguette; visit great-grandmama’s boudoir, redolent of rosewater; accompany a new mother immigrating from war-torn London to far-away Canada; travel back in time to the Civil War with a great granddaughter, who encounters her war-weary ancestor; share the sadness of a young woman on her way to a home for unwed mothers; laugh with a hospital administrator destroying forbidden wine in the deserts of Saudi Arabia; learn the harshest reality of a husband’s tour of duty in Vietnam; and suffer alongside civilians caught in the brutality of World War II.

The authors of these memoirs have enjoyed revisiting their pasts and recreating them. Hopefully, they will inspire you, too, to reflect upon your own rich lives and to write the stories lingering in your hearts. 

These are precious memories which need to be preserved. 

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