True Stories of Real Life Experiences: Rising Above it All

Author: Jacqueline L. Smith


126 pages

I decided to write a book to share stories of true life experiences. Life is difficult and unexpected things happen every day. I've written stories on numerous subjects that would relate to people. Being a single mother of five kids can be overwhelming and challenging. I also wanted to reveal how motherhood affects my life. My hope is to reach people with a positive message in all the subjects I included. Although life is hard, many people will rise above the negative activity to make things better. Life is a continuous journey that can be interesting for everyone. When people become older adults, the maturity level is a way to know that living life will involve making smarter choices. However, I do feel that it is also very important for me to teach my five kids about life. Otherwise, their lives will become difficult without the proper knowledge. Many people would say life is short, and I agree. Making the best of it is all we can do.

Type: books

Vendor: Jacqueline Smith

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