Tropical Fruit - A Novel

Author: Wanda Steele

ISBN 978-1-62137-710-8 (Softcover)

ISBN 978-1-62137-711-5 (eBook)

112 Pages




Run away with naïve, young Eltie Gray as he flees from his vulgar and abusive home in Middleburg, Ohio, and hitches a ride to "The Key."

As he watches the parade of amusing people pass by, his landlady warns him to "beware the company you keep."

He ignores her advice and soon finds himself part of a motley group best described as "Tropical Fruit," whose conduct is bawdy, sometimes hilarious, sometimes perverse and sometimes charitable.

Watch the young teen get drawn into relationships with that close-knit group of unconventional people and secure passage into that "fruity" society.

Live with him through the extraordinary events that rob him of his innocence and fashion his manhood and his destiny.

"Tropical Fruit" is warm, touching and erotic (but not obscene).

Category: all books, Fiction, Humor

Type: books

Vendor: Wanda Steele

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