Author: W. Edward Wilson

ISBN 0-9764457-0-0 (Softcover)

244 Pages

Disillusioned with her life, Maria Santiago decides to break away from her boyfriend, Hector Perez, leader of the Diablo Boys, Chicago's largest Street gang. Maria soon finds that some liaisons are more difficult to end than others as her decision to leave becomes the catalyst for a citywide pursuit by Hector and his army of street thugs.

Fleeing through Chicago's vast underground network of subways and parking garages, Maria runs afoul of a covert government operation. With Hector's gang, government assassins and the Chicago police all converging to block her way out, Maria's day soon holds the potential of being her last. Driven by a need to make good on broken promises, Maria scrambles to stay one step ahead of the pursuing pack as the hours stretch into two of the longest days of Maria's life.



W. Edward Wilson is currently working in the information technology field as a systems infrastructure manager. He has studied martial arts for over 27 years, having achieved the ranking of second Dan (second degree black belt) in Shotokan Karate. He has also studied Escrima and Kali, which are forms of weapons fighting. He has studied music since the age of ten and plays several woodwind instruments, with the saxophone being his instrument of choice. But most importantly, he has always had a love of the written word, believing that like a well structured Jazz solo, dancing over the chords that anchor it, a well-written verse dances over the page, touching and connecting the reader with that passage, allowing them to live in that moment. His forays with words are attempts to capture the feeling one gets when being connected with a musician who is playing all of the right notes at the right time (and sometimes not playing, letting the pauses speak for themselves.)

Category: Action, Adventure, Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: W. Edward Wilson

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