Tomorrow is Another Day

Author: John Findley

ISBN 978-1-62137-890-7 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-62137-891-4 (eBook)

360 Pages



 Mark is a young man graduating university; the reader gets to follow along on his search for employment. Carol has been his girlfriend since primary school and they have a very happy life together. John, his father, is a widower but has fallen in love with a wonderful woman named Denise. Mark misses his mother but likes Denise and enjoys seeing his father happy. You get to meet and keep company with Mark’s friends, and see his life change as he grows older.

He helps his friend, Diane, work with a homicide detective and solve a murder. Mark wonders if he has feelings for Diane; his perfect life starts to break down. Though not willing to argue with Carol, he waits for a better time for the two of them to work things out.

Mark has always been able to relate well with those his senior at the university and in the work force. He is a level-headed young man, and shows he is well able to get on top of those personal problems that plague us all. He will have to use all his skills in problem solving when faced with the troubles that arise from living away from home and some unexpected happenings at his new job.


With one thing and another, I lived with my grandparents throughout my school years. On leaving school, I worked for a government bank; for well over thirty years I was a banker. But the money/pay packet was never enough for me to live on; so many part-time jobs were undertaken in the early mornings or at night. I met and married a sweet young lady; we had a family. That wife found that a better life awaited her and left our three children with me.

My children and I continued caravan holidays, and I learned to iron shirts, prepare meals, etc. A new lady then came into my life, bringing three children of her own. I fell hopelessly in love. We married and set about combining two households.

The bank job finished, we had been running taxis of our own for a few years - another part-time job. Running our taxis and managing other people's taxis gave us a good living.
Then time to retire, taxi business sold and we managed a few holiday beach houses in the small country town where we lived.

Now all work is in the past? Well maybe not, since I will continue writing. I still have something to do.  

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