To Any Extreme

Author: Bill Rogers

ISBN 978-1-60264-379-6 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-60264-545-5 (eBook)

230 pages

Kelli is now a widow. Her husband was murdered by a malicious growth, the menace of the county. After she adjusts to the shock of Nick's death, vengeance consumes her. Unfortunately for Kelli, her adversary has muscle and resources to back him up.

Kelli becomes a problem to Colonel Braun, her husband's murderer and leader of a homegrown "militia." Her unsuccessful efforts lead to desperation and depression. She is out-classed and the Colonel eventually captures and imprisons her. Kelli has no expectation of escaping and gives up.

Help arrives from the grave when Nick returns to guide her to freedom. Kelli now determined and guided by Nick's support becomes a larger problem to Colonel Braun.

An attempt by the Colonel to kill Kelli at home is pre-empted by her departed husband. The Colonel now goes for the fatal blow. Kidnapping her four-year-old will certainly bring that woman to her knees, reasons the Colonel. But, the law of unintended consequence prevails and Kelli calls on a retired Special Forces operative and personal friend, Axel Gothard.

Axel quickly discovers the Colonel's small homegrown militia is a thinly disguised small arms smuggling and selling enterprise. Using his military experience, Axel "enlists" in the Colonel's operation. At his first opportunity, he takes the four-year-old Nikki and flees to the rough mountainous woods, where his Special Ops experience will give him the advantage if the Colonel pursues him.

The battle between good and evil continues over impassable terrain. The Colonel evens the odds by calling on help from a smuggling operation that supplies him with guns. But, the one thing he cannot overcome is Nick returning from the grave to guide and protect Kelli.

Again, Kelli needs Nick, and he is there for her. And it is Nick and Kelli alone in a misty wood that sends the Colonel directly to his final destination, Hell.



Bill, with some experience as a technical writer, a newspaper stringer and newscaster, writes from his home in central Florida, where he lives with his wife Ann." The pitter-patter of little feet is supplied by two stray felines, Cleopatra and Marc Anthony.

Category: Action, Adventure, Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Bill Rogers

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