The Trail Cook Chronicles

Author: David Michaelson

ISBN 978-0-9848422-8-5 (softcover)

ISBN 978-0-9848422-9-2 (eBook)

348 pages

Trail Cook Chronicles begins where Trail Cook left off; at Fort Union, New Mexico, the last outpost of soldiers assigned to protect settlers and travelers from attack by hostile Apache and Comanche Indians on the Santa Fe Trail. Able Piddington has become a legend in his own time. His skill with a cookpot and his pugilistic abilities have made him a famous man throughout the region at the tender age of twenty-five. With his faithful companion Kristen and a scruffy tag along snake-hunting dog named Gopher, the three of them honor Able's promise to escort a friendly band of Apache to the Mescalero Apache Reservation before the snows of winter in 1875. The half wolf, half dog, amazes the Apache warriors with his ability to sniff out rattlesnakes and kill them for his supper. Once free of their commitment to the apache, Kristen, Able, and Gopher set out through uncharted territory to seek out further adventure where they can find it. Towns with reputations like Tombstones, Mesila, Tucson, and Yuma provide all the excitement either of them might want. How they make their way and where their journey takes them are The Trail Cook Chronicles.


David has written and published two cook books and six novels (Chronicles is number seven), including a Science Fiction trilogy. The Burntwater Cook's Kitchen Guide was awarded a Silver Medal in 2010 by the Military Writer's Society of America.

David has dabbled with woodworking and cooking his entire life. He has been a US Navy Patternmaker, an owner of a cabinet & furniture shop, an umpire and volleyball referee. He has been a fill-in cook, a line cook, an Executive Chef and a booth Chef for a major national food purveyor. He has owned a small deli and later, a small restaurant tucked inside a Quanset hut. When he outgrew each of those enterprises, he and his wife, Dianne, moved into a larger restaurant in downtown Ferndale, WA, where he received the highest of restaurant reviews by the Bellingham Herald. It was a critically acclaimed evening where everything was deemed perfect.

Category: Fiction, Historical, Western

Type: books

Vendor: David Michaelson

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