The Time is Wright

Author: Orean D. Chatman

ISBN 1589399080 (softcover)

ISBN 1589399099 (hardcover)

256 pages

Headed home for the holidays, Antonius Wright finds himself in the wrong place at the right time and witnesses Cory Monday committing a murder. When Cory finds Antonius' luggage and address book, he threatens to kill him and his family if he talks. Not knowing who to turn to, Antonius calls in his brother Bertram Howard in New York City, together the brothers decide to stop Cory. Raheem Dennis, the head of a boutique drug organization that specializes in high grade cocaine for business and entertainment industry professionals, has decided that he wants out of the drug business, but he knows there's only one way for him to get out. With the help of his close friend and number three man Dextor Hudson, he has decided to go out on his own terms. Cory Monday has decided that he wants to take over Raheem's drug organization and forms several alliances including one with Bertram and Dextor. Once all the alliances are formed, the murder of Raheem Dennis is planned.

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