The Shattering Light of Stars

Author: Scott Elliot Hicks

ISBN 1-58939-817-3 (softcover)

348 Pages

Can a young man racing through the infinite dimensions of time save the cosmos from the evil Zarai? Will his faithful companions betray him in the final decisive battle?

War has engulfed the land of Vasilion. Haldor de Morting, the son of a manor lord, is racing through the countryside to unearth the enemy's plan of attack with a group of faithful companions. To make their way home, they will have to fight through the deadly ranks of a fearsome army. Some of the heroes will not survive.
At the most desperate moment in the battle to save his homeland, Haldor is whisked away to another dimension, where he encounters strange beings, unearthly vistas, and wise counselors, who band together on a cosmic mission to overcome the two rays of evil, and discover the second foundation stone. He will meet XW3, the serpentine creature who lives in tenfold time; the beautiful warrior, Elephyre, princess of the Tiri, as well as Zetlakytyl, the giant Fire-Lord of Wundu-Galat who fought in the Second Battle at the beginning of creation. But can any of their vast powers save Haldor from the terrible emissaries of the Zarai, who seek to destroy him? Can they save him from the vision of his own self in the depths of time?

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